Alexa Solveig Mardon's (1989, Vancouver) interests lie in collaborative processes that invite individual and collective reckoning with the power structures that move through and with our bodies. Alexa pays attention to movement: sensorially, improvisationally, and by studying the way that systems choreograph us.

Collaboration and critical care are at the centre of Alexa’s practice as they continually work at the collapse of boundaries between friendship and collaboration, training and performance, artistic practice and political action. Alexa’s work has taken forms including public installation, print objects, an article-sharing website called Dance Hole, fake lectures about the multiverse, movement workshops for frontline support workers, anti-fascist fundraisers/script writing sessions for calling MPS around critical issues, DIY producing, and facilitating dialogue around performance.

Alexa’s work has been presented by PS: We are All Here (Toronto), Kinetic Studios (Halifax), Dance In Vancouver, 12 Minutes Max (Vancouver), Surrey Art Gallery, and VIVO Media Arts Centre.

Alexa's poetry, fiction and essays have been published by ISSUE Magazine, Charcuterie, LINE, The Dance Current, and The Dance Centre. As an interpreter, Alexa performs actively across Canadian contemporary dance platforms for artists including Vanessa Goodman/Action at a Distance, battery opera performance, Sasha Klienplatz, and Benjamin Kamino.

As a teacher/facilitator, Alexa is committed to anti-oppressive frameworks, unlearning unhealthy relationships to obedience and power, and creating spaces where autonomy, rigorous play, and selfhood can flourish.

as one half of Mardon + Mitsuhashi, Alexa makes immersive + multimedia performances with Erika Mitsuhashi.